Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi
Shoulder height:  125cm (50in.)
Body weight:  105 - 182kg (231 - 400lb)
Pregnancy:  8 months
Number of young:  1
Female with horns
Horns:  50cm
Life expectancy:  15 years
Fairly abundant
Hunting Price:
Male   220
Female   220

The blesbok's natural habitat is restricted to South Africa. The Afrikaans word 'bles' means 'blaze'. The blesbok obviously got its name from its conspicuous white face.
Characteristic behavior of standing together with their heads orientated towards the sun and faces close to the ground, sometimes accompanied with violent head-shaking and stamping and running in a full circle to resume their vacated place.
Predominantly grazers and originally of the grasslands of South Africa's high-veldt, the blesbok has since been successfully established throughout most of the country. Strongly territorial, the rams can be seen during the rutting season, each one on his own, giving the ritual challenge. With front legs straight and the head held high, he snorts and stamps his feet.  With his head stretched forward, the horns pointing backwards and the tail curved upwards he will advanced stiff-legged to any passing females, attempting to lure them into his territory. If another ram dares to come too close, serious fighting may follow, sometimes resulting in the death of challenger or defender.

Spoors - Left fore

Spoors - Left hind