Connochaetes taurinus
Shoulder height:  135 - 150cm (54 - 60in.)
Body weight:  180 - 270kg (396 - 594lb.)
Pregnancy:  8 months(November to February)
Number of young:  1 / 2
Female with horns
Horns:  70cm
Life expectancy:  18 years
Hunting Price:
Male    550
Female    420

Africa can never be truly Africa without its wildebeest.  Witnessing their annual migrations in the wild parts of Africa, comprising thousands of animals, dotting the outstretched savanna is a sight never to be forgotten. 
They are diurnal and are most active during the morning and late afternoon, resting in the heat of the day.  The territorial male will induldge in a variety of territorial displays, involving erect neck and forward directed head and a rocking-horse cantering motion forward, which is usually sufficient to send the other male off.
For food and water they search.  And, once the rain has come and the energy from the green grass has given new life, the wildebeest bull will again drop to its knees... to fight off the wild dogs that threaten the calves.  Challenging fate, blue wildebeest will boldly face danger, tossing their heads threateningly and snorting in disgust, but only to flee so often too late.  But vicious they can really be!  When wounded, the old bull may charge fiercely, snorting loudly and goring those not quick enough to escape the sweep of his horns.

Spoors - Left fore

Spoors - Left hind