Aepyceros melampus
Shoulder height:  90cm (36in.)
Body weight:  39 - 80kg (86 - 176lb)
Pregnancy:  6 months September to January
Number of young:  1
Female normally without horns
Horns:  80cm
Life expectancy:  12 years
Hunting Price:
Male   210
Female   180

No other antelope can exceed the leaping powers of the impala.  When alarmed it can fly 10 feet (3 meters) high over bush and pursuer, to dash off to safety at reckless speed.  Being the most abundant antelope of the bush-dotted savannas of South Africa, the impala is much sought after by human and animal hunters alike.  The rams are very noisy during the rutting season (May to June) when they viciously fight for the possession of a harem.  A loud snort invariably signals danger - a warning to which most animals of the bush react.  Otherwise the impala is very silent, extremely wary and difficult to approach.  Mostly found near water, the impala can go without it for many days.  Although very mobile, impala normally live in very small home ranges, hardly more than a few square kilometers in size.

Spoors - Left fore

Spoors - Left hind