Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Shoulder height:  130cm (52in.)
Body weight:  150 - 300kg (330 - 660lb.)
Pregnancy:  7 months (November to January)
Number of young:  1
Female normally without horns
Horns:  160cm
Life expectancy:  14 years
Hunting Price:
Male   975
Female   540

Fond of wild fruits and the leaves of trees, the kudu is an animal of the thickets.  From the densest bush their large, mobile ears will hear you come from far away.  To the trophy hunter the old 'blue bull' with the long, deeply curved and wide spread horns remains one of the most exciting challenges on an African expedition.  Being one of the most docile of all antelope , the kudu will pose with royal dignity for the wildlife photographer.  However anyone creeping through the bush in hunter-style will be paralyzed by a loud bark, followed by the sound of breaking branches which means that the superb, elusive trophy has once again slipped out of reach.  Fighting viciously during the rutting season the spiral horns of the combatants sometimes interlock, forcing fierce enemies to die together.

Spoors - Left fore

Spoors - Left hind