Redunca arundinum
Shoulder height:  80 - 90 cm or 32-36 in.
Body weight:  40-80 kg or 88-176 lb.
Pregnancy:  7  to 8 months
Number of young:  1
Female normally without horns
Horns:  40cm
Life expectancy:  10 years
Rare to fairly abundant
Hunting Price:
Male   540
Female   540

Reedbuck generally inhabits areas of grassland and floodplains, favoring reed-beds alongside permanent water.  A shrill whistle, often heard at night, is uttered when alarmed.  They are preyed upon by lion, wild dogs, hyena, leopard and cheetah.  On occasion they will lie flat when suspicious.  They run with a rocking motion and frequently stop and look back to the disturbance.  The tail is conspicuous when running.  They feed during early morning and late evening, lying up in tall grass during the day.  In the Okavango they favor small islands in the lagoons.  They occur singly, in pairs and in small groups of five or six.  Only the males have horns. 

Spoors - Left fore

Spoors - Left hind